GLOBEVEST CAPITAL is a Montreal-based private risk and portfolio management firm founded in 2002. Globevest Capital has built its approach around personalization of your portfolio, strict control of risk and some of the industry's lowest management fees.

is also registered with the Autorité des marchés financiers du Québec as a portfolio, investment fund and derivatives portfolio manager.


These funds can be purchased in various financial institutions, including National Bank Financial (NBF), Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), TD Waterhouse, Desjardins Securities (VMD), Richardson GMP and others.

Secure Operating System

As a portfolio manager, Globevest Capital is responsible for making investment decisions in accordance with the investment policy that we have drawn up with you. We regularly monitor allocations of asset classes and sectors.

Globevest Capital manages your portfolio, but the account custodian is a third party: National Bank Independent Network (NBIN). No safekeeping fees apply.

For clients whose assets are invested in a Globevest Capital Fund, CIBC Mellon is the custodian and is responsible for calculating the value of shares.

* For clients who invested in secured put writing.